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Individual transformation - the original approach of Call of Souls

Bouddha With Pilea-dem, Call of Souls offers an innovative approach to individual transformation.

Most of the tools and approaches that we find today in personal development quickly encounter a pitfall: the repetition of unconscious patterns in the participant that transforms the immediate benefit of the practice into long-term dependence.

The projections vis-à-vis the therapist, the mirror games in the relationship, if they do not lead to the resolution of the wounds by the mourning, harden the path and make forget the objective: to be (more) happy.

With its Pilea-dem training, Call of Souls teaches you how to decrypt these unconscious games, how to foil the transfer phenomenon, and replaces the usual "practical work" with spaces of celebration, of dances in trance, where the unconscious is offered an environment conducive to getting rid of its knots, in all tranquility and creativity.

Once you have obtained the Pilea-dem certification, you can access the Mahorikatan methodology which leads to the animation of dance classes in trance.

The trainings

  • P I L E A D E M
    Full details of the training here

  • M A H O R I K A T A N
    Full details of the training here

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