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Tibetan bowls

According to certain studies, the origin of Tibetan bowl dates back to 5000 BC. Used mainly as a medium of meditation, it is also recognized for its healing properties through sound massage practice - in this context, various bowls can be used to rebalance the chakras.

Tibetan singing bowls are handcrafted from an alloy of 7 metals (by analogy to the 7 chakras). They made their appearance in the West in the 1960s.

Cristal bowls

More recently, another bowl has emerged: in the 1990s, laboratory crucibles, made of quartz powder raised to more than 3000 degrees according to a French Saint-Gobain patent, were diverted from their primary function to join the spaces of energy practice thanks to their vibrational and acoustic qualities. They are now mainly manufactured in China using an industrial process.

In contrast to Tibetan singing bowls that emit harmonic-rich sounds due to their composition made of different metals, the crystal bowls, because of their exceptional purity, produce almost no harmonic and so offer a fundamental note of great precision and intensity.

Sing, sing!

As long as the listener abandons himself, the singing of Tibetan bowls and crystal bowls, like the Song of the Mermaids, draws us to modified states of consciousness that increase our relaxation and dissolve time. We come out of it in a state of tasty well-being.

The exceptional subtlety
of the music of the singing bowls
reminds us of our immaterial dimension.

Bols de crystal

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