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Sound sculpture

The Hang is a recent modern instrument, invented by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer in Bern, Switzerland in 2000. This original creation is the result of a long study of PANArt Hangbau AG, as well as a great experience in the construction of "steeldrums", a traditional Caribbean instrument.

Immediately, this instrument had a global success - whatever the musical culture they belong to, thousands of people immediately recognized the universality of the sounds emitted by this strange flying saucer that the designers call sound sculpture.

So many fans have made the pilgrimage to Bern hoping to acquire a Hang, mostly unsuccessfully - the demand far outstripping the offer, and Felix and Sabine reserving the right to select buyers based on their motivation.

Since then, many craftsmen have started to manufacture similar instruments.

Hangs & Co

The vibrations of the steel notes of instruments related to the Hang produce exceptional and unpublished sounds. The Gubal (parent of the Hang that we see in the photo in the background) releases round and deep sounds that invite uterine regression.
           Others such as the different VAST RAVs suggest elevation, Kigonki is hypnotic, Kalimba awakens nostalgia for Africa.
           The characteristic of these instruments, and what probably makes them magnetically attractive, is their capacity to touch us viscerally, to enter us, into our organs, to bring peace and harmony.

To attend a concert of Hangs & Handpans,
  it is to be rocked by the music of the stars
  that invites to the inner journey
  in a heavenly atmosphere,
  mesmerizing, cosmic!

Hang & Kalimba

Some musical notes to enchant the present moment ...

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